[Sca-cooks] Turducken -quick version

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Sun Dec 13 13:40:57 PST 2009

Came across a Turducken Express recipe today in the
January 2010 issue of Chile Pepper magazine. It's out on newsstands now.

The article includes this explanation of where the modern turducken  

" ONCE upon a time, possibly at a lodge in Wyoming, possibly at a  
butcher shop in Maurice, La., or maybe even at a plantation in South  
Carolina, an enterprising cook decided to take a boned chicken, a  
boned duck and a boned turkey, stuff them one inside the other like  
Russian dolls, and roast them. He called his masterpiece turducken.

In the years that followed its mysterious birth, turducken has become  
something of a Southern specialty, a holiday feast with a beguiling  

quoted in "Turkey Finds Its Inner Duck (and Chicken)" By AMANDA HESSER

Published: November 20, 2002



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