[Sca-cooks] Looking for info on Artes Draconis

Patricia Dunham chimene at ravensgard.org
Sun Dec 13 21:15:48 PST 2009

Hi Stefan et al.

I also wondered about this a couple of months ago, and wrote the 
Kingdom Chronicler (after going back and forth between the MOAS and 
KC pages, which both have non-working links).  This is response I 

At 10:29 PM -0400 10/22/09, karenjohnson at midrealm.org wrote:

>M. Chimene--
>Unfortunately, there are some 'issues' with that issue right now, so it's
>unavailable for distribution at this time.  We're hoping to get that
>resolved, so I'll announce that when I can. Thanks for your patience!!
>Katarina Peregrine
>cc: Otto

And I haven't seen/heard anything since.  It would be nice if there 
was a dated, "Not currently available on-line." note on the Kingdom 
webpages, or something.  I think(!?) I remember there being a 
subsequent issue at the "CURRENT ISSUE" link when I was looking in 
October, but that doesn't seem to be there today.

M. Chimene

>Artes Draconis is the A&S newsletter for the Middle Kingdom.
>I got an inquiry from a couple new to the SCA trying get a copy of 
>the Cookery Issue done, they think in 2008. I couldn't find anything 
>online, like table of contents for the various issues, to confirm 
>The link I could find is: 
>But the link on that page to the current issue doesn't work. Does 
>anyone know if the newsletter is still in publication? And 
>specifically whether this cookery issue is still available?  The 
>editor is mentioned on that page, but since the link doesn't work, 
>we don't know whether that is really the place these folks should 
>send their money for this issue or not or whether the editor info is 
>out of date.
>Since they seem interested in medieval cooking, I've also suggested 
>they join this list and sent them the info to sign on. :-)
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