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David Walddon david at vastrepast.com
Sat Dec 19 17:05:08 PST 2009

I got the Wild Boar here  http://www.marxfoods.com/Wild-Boar-Bellies
But there are several places on the internet to get it.

I am braising it and putting it in a cassoulet with the duck confit I am
making and the sausages that are in the freezer (the are great smoked!).

This is not a medieval New Years. No gilded boars heads.


On 12/19/09 12:43 PM, "Liz Wilson" <ewilson618 at tx.rr.com> wrote:

> I don't post often and hope I'm doing it correctly, but I LOVE the
> Decadence Menu, especially in this dreadful economy.  Sort
> of like fiddling while Rome burns!  (No offense intended;
> it really does sound like a lot of fun).
> However, how does one procure the wild
> boar?  (Not that I have really looked for a source
> but it sounds intriguing).  Also, how are you preparing it?
> And is there anything in the Florilegium on how to do it?
> I am interested in making a wild boar centerpiece for
> Christmas but I haven't decided whether to do a real one,
> a fake one, or a cake one.  I do have kids who probably won't
> want to eat it if it's real, so it may be just my husband and
> myself who would do so.  I saw a rental boar's head on line but it
> was from a party rental company in England so I don't think
> I will be going that route. Plus it was really hideous.
> If the definition of eternity is two people and a ham (I am stealing
> this from Gourmet magazine--wish I had written it), then what
> about if the ham is a boar's head?  Is that the definition of hell
> or just purgatory?  (I'm sure it would be very tasty, but once we
> did the stuffed beef tenderloin in pasty and ate it by ourselves
> for a week and by the end of the week we decided
> we wouldn't be fixing it again any
> time soon--that was 11 years ago).
> Christianna inghean Feargus (from Steppes in Ansteorra)
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