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Christianna inghean Feargus  said:

<<< However, how does one procure the wild
boar?  (Not that I have really looked for a source
but it sounds intriguing).  Also, how are you preparing it? >>>

Even in period the number of wild boars was diminishing and they were  
gradually getting replaced by domestic pigs on feast tables.

<<< And is there anything in the Florilegium on how to do it? >>>

Are you talking about a whole pig or a pig's head? As others have  
mentioned, there is the pigs-head-msg file in the Florilegium which  
covers using both real and artificial pig heads.

Cooking-Piggy-art  (5K)  9/27/01  A humorous adventure cooking a pig.
whole-pig-msg     (66K)  4/18/05    Info. on roasting a whole pig.  

Some of these places might have wild boar or an approximation:
food-sources-msg  (68K)  1/31/08  Modern sources for unusual medieval  
meats and other foods.

<<< I am interested in making a wild boar centerpiece for
Christmas but I haven't decided whether to do a real one,
a fake one, or a cake one. >>>

We have some mighty ambitious cooks and pastry folks on this list:
cak-soteltes-msg  (60K)  3/ 7/08    Cake based sotelties. Decorated  

<<< (I'm sure it would be very tasty, but once we
did the stuffed beef tenderloin in pasty and ate it by ourselves
for a week and by the end of the week we decided
we wouldn't be fixing it again any time soon--that was 11 years ago).  

Lol. Yes, I wanted a ham so I bought one a couple of weeks ago and  
baked it recently. My wife has shown little interest in it, so I've  
still got more than half of it left. I guess some of it is going to  
have to go into the freezer.

<<< Christianna inghean Feargus (from Steppes in Ansteorra) >>>

We are considering traveling up there for 12th Night. Are you going to  
be attending that event?

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