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Marcus Loidolt mjloidolt at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 20 05:30:22 PST 2009

MANY, MANY Years ago...In the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr, at the Feast of the Boar's Head, held at St. Edmund the Martyr Episcopal Church.
Andrew of Seldomrest is Tanist/Crown Prince, under King Moonwulf II, 
Master Thomas Becket Langenfeld is Dragon Herald,
In comes a BEAUTIFULLY done roasted Boar's Head (with the rest of the beast in nicely sliced portions..
The skull and head have been emptied and the brains have been made into the most delilectable stuffing with hazelnuts and dried fruits!! YUM!! ( Piped in by the founding Baron, Angus McDugal, God save him)
His Highness decides to share this largess with the populace and so has his Dragon Herald announce,
" Prince Andrew has the brains of a pig and would like you to have some too!"
after the following glare and audible  "Harrumph!" came the announcement that
"His Highness doesn't have the brains of a pig...." "but would still like to share the treat presented at head table..." 
LOL!!! Such memories!!
Johann von Metten, 

"Let Charity be your hallmark and model for all you do,
if it is not loving, don't do it, it it is loving,
let nothing stop you from doing whatever is needed!"
(St. John Neumann)
"Have no fear or doubt anything and everything you give in this life will be paid back ahundred fold in the next"

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