[Sca-cooks] Holidays

Christiane christianetrue at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 21 09:17:48 PST 2009

I haven't done much holiday baking at all this year. But last night I made chocolate chip cookies and an orange cardomom poundcake. I'm rather proud of the latter; I took the standard sour cream poundcake from the Good Housekeeping cookbook and modified it. Instead of just flavoring it with vanilla, I added 1/4 teaspoon orange essence and the ground seeds from three cardamom pods, and glazed it while it was hot with a mix of mandarin orange juice and sugar and ginger. Oh, also, I didn't have any sour cream in the house, but nonfat plain Greek yogurt worked very well.

I think I'll bake another one tonight. And more cookies.


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