[Sca-cooks] Horse Breeding OT But!... I know someone will know the answer...

Ratt rattkitten at bellsouth.net
Mon Dec 21 19:35:40 PST 2009

Soooo I am going to go ahead ask and please note I am looking for In 
Period Info... But I also KNOW that if I want an answer to something I 
can ask it here...
Now let me preface this with I don't need Recipes, or full 
dissertations... just either a quick list or a link to a website that I 
can print out and take in for my boss...
So YES Stefan this might be one of those times that you can spew forth 
with the Flourilegium files.
Ahem wow that was a long run on sentence eh?

Now the question.

What kinds of horses are period correct?  More specifically what kinds 
were ridden by the Knights?  More importantly were.... actually never 
mind that last question I just got the answer to that one... But lets 
just for fun and giggles give my manager something to really bop her 
boss on the head with.  So Ok folks fire away with those two questions....

But just for some motivation to help my boss out... Her Boss and she 
were talking about Horses and The Morgan Horse came up and Mr Knowitall 
pipes up with "you know, the ones the knights used to ride."   Well my 
manager having seen and worked with Morgans argues back that said horse 
is to small... but her boss is having nothing to do with that side of 
the argument and is insisting that the knights rode these damn things...

BTW final answer uuuuurrrrrrnnnnnhhhhhh Wrong The Morgan Horse is an 
American Breed So NOPE The only knights that could ride those horses 
would be our Modern Knights.

So she totally has this one in the bag and doesn't know it yet... 
However she wants to really drive this one home... seems she never gets 
to win an argument with this man.  And Yes I will warn her to apologize 
after she has won the argument... lol

So Who wants to help out?

Thanks in advance.
PS Master A I Look forward to your answer... lol since you have answered 
almost every other weird assed question I have thrown out here...

PSS I  strongly suspect that some of our Knights will be able to answer.

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