[Sca-cooks] Horse Breeding OT But!... I know someone will know the answer...

Antonia Calvo dama.antonia at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 20:00:32 PST 2009

Ratt wrote:
> But just for some motivation to help my boss out... Her Boss and she 
> were talking about Horses and The Morgan Horse came up and Mr 
> Knowitall pipes up with "you know, the ones the knights used to 
> ride."   Well my manager having seen and worked with Morgans argues 
> back that said horse is to small... but her boss is having nothing to 
> do with that side of the argument and is insisting that the knights 
> rode these damn things...
> BTW final answer uuuuurrrrrrnnnnnhhhhhh Wrong The Morgan Horse is an 
> American Breed So NOPE The only knights that could ride those horses 
> would be our Modern Knights.
> So she totally has this one in the bag and doesn't know it yet... 
> However she wants to really drive this one home... seems she never 
> gets to win an argument with this man.  And Yes I will warn her to 
> apologize after she has won the argument... lol

You are correct that the Morgan is a specifically American breed, so no, 
medieval knights couldn't have ridden Morgans.  However, research by the 
Museum of London suggests destriers stood about 14-15 hands (very 
similar to Morgans) and the Royal Armouries suggest 15-16 hands 
(slightly taller).  Having said that, the destrier was probably build 
slightly heavier and more solid than the Morgan.

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