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Hmmm...what I was thinking was that since it is a Feast of the Lord of Misrule, I could have some fun with it and still serve Period-type dishes. 
This song does have the possibility for entertainment as well as food. 

12 drummers drumming-may not get that many, but, combining them with the Ladies Dancing, would be a good way to introduce Courses. 

As to the actual food-

Poached Quail in Pears

Marzipan turtledove made as dishes, with comfits 

Guilded Chicken (can't remember the proper name, right off)

Blackbird Pie (thank you, Cailte!)

The 5 Golden rings could be a course all on its own-Egg Bread,  Pella (thank you, Jaume!) saffron rice rings, standing rib roast etc. 

-Roast goose on a bed of Asparagus (nest) with Very Large Stuffed Eggs

By now-a veggie soup served in Swan Tureens would be welcome

Custard tarts (yeppers-take it two ways, folks) 

Lady Fingers 

Castle towers filled with gummi (or Marzipan) frogs? 

and here I chicken out and let the entertainment take over. <G> 


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 Let us say that the Event Stewart comes to you and requests a Feast based on 
he poem/song, the 12 days of Christmas for a
 12th Night Event for a many months in the Future Date.
 Setting aside the possible Non-Period question, as well as budget concerns, 
hat would you do with it?
If we're setting aside the non-period question *completely* it's easy
nough to compromise on certain things and produce undocumentable
ecipes. Making a period or even mostly conjecturally period-plausible
east is harder.
Some thoughts
1. A subtlety, clearly, and one involving both pears and partridge or
ther small fowl.
2. Squab.
3. Cornish game hens, or just whole roast chicken.
4. More poultry. Ideally songbirds, though unless you count squab
which are already playing turtledove here) those can be hard to get.
5. Angel food cake. Pineapple rings. Doughnuts. Bread, formed in
ircles and dyed yellow with saffron. Paella or manjar imperial
saffron-tinted blancmange, out of De Nola), served in a ring shape.
erhaps of the above, in one course, giving you five total, or perhaps
tick with the period option and go with the manjar imperial and the
read. You can probably come up with more - if it's yellow, a round
resentation isn't too hard. Paella appeals to me despite not being
ocumentable just because it's got seafood, and a feast of nothing but
irds is unpleasant. But this is also a good excuse for a vegetable
ish - got a ring-shaped pan you can make savory toasted cheese in?
6. Goose, obviously. And eggs, since they're geese a-laying. Pick your
avorite period egg dishes and make them all, and serve them alongside
 small amount of goose to give people a break from all the freaking
7. Yes, it's time for more poultry. This time it's clearly a soup
since they're a-swimming); I don't think I'd bother with actual swan,
ince you won't be able to appreciate the sheer size of the bird in
hat form. Duck soup, maybe?
8. Either pick a good dairy dish (some sort of cheese pie?) or inject
ome red meat into the feast at this point.
9. Hey, the feast needs some entertainment, doesn't it? You could
ither get actual ladies dancing or make a delightful subtlety out of
10. Look for foods with aristocratic names, especially ones that don't
nvolve poultry. I'd probably be serving king crab for this one.
11. Well, you'll get a good laugh out of the foodies if you serve
teak au poivre and other peppercorn-intensive dishes, but nobody else
ill get it. This one I have no idea what to do with.
12. Remember how we were talking a few days ago about the timpano
erved in The Big Night? They're totally OOP, but I think it's either
hose or chicken drumsticks, and this feast has more than enough birds
 - Jaume
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