[Sca-cooks] Pasta (alla) Carbonara

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Wed Dec 23 12:58:34 PST 2009

> If we are going to pick at nits, the name really should be Pasta alla Carbonara

If you google Italian language sites you get (in parentheses the results for English language sites):

"Pasta Carbonara": 1360 hits (67.100)
"Pasta alla Carbonara": 14.200 hits (6.030)
"Spaghetti Carbonara": 3680 hits (104.000)
"Spaghetti alla Carbonara": 28.400 hits (3680)

My concern here is SHOULD ... "should" in which language? ... Are the 10 percent of Italians sites (1360 vs. 14200) "wrong"? Are the 67.100 English sites "wrong"? Are the 10 percent of the English "Pasta alla Carbonara" variant wrong? (67.100 vs. 6.030)

Just thinking ... (I hope I did not mix up Google's results)

E., fan of spaghetti carbonara, no problem eating spaghetti alla carbonara ...


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