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Starlings and sparrows are not protected in Minnesota.
"Subd. 52. Unprotected birds. "Unprotected birds" means English sparrow,
blackbird, starling, magpie, cormorant, common pigeon, chukar partridge,
quail other than bob-white quail, mute swan, and great horned owl."
Though there may have been a change to the last bird as federal lists all
owls are protected.
You may have to have a permit.
Anyway, I am teasing about the hunt. I doubt that even if you got the
starlings that folks would actually eat them, no matter how delicious you
made them.


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I believe Minnesota and perhaps other states have laws against hunting
non-game birds.  I would check local laws before sending out a hunting
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> Perhaps if the budget allows, Cornish hens are closer to the size then a
> chicken.
> Though perhaps you could convince members of your group that do hunt and
> know how to clean birds to go hunt some starlings. :)
> Actually, starlings are annoying birds. Their screech sounds like little
> kids screaming. They are considered a threat to songbirds and therefore
> are
> on the please do kill list. Though one must wonder about them as birds of
> prey to not like to eat them unless starving.
> De

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