[Sca-cooks] "Exotic" bird Pests

Daniel & Elizabeth Phelps dephelps at embarqmail.com
Fri Dec 25 02:02:12 PST 2009

Down here in Florida we have issues with Quaker Parakeets.  Picture a 
parakeet on steroids.  Friend had one that used to have the run of his 
house.  He had a guest over one day and the bird hopped up on his shoulder. 
Everyone thought it was cute until it reached over and latched on to his ear 
lobe with its beak.  Fellow jumped up and the bird hung there like some kind 
of huge ear ring.  It was know there after as the chirp-en-ator.  Like so 
many other critters they came to Florida as pets, got released into the wild 
and are now pests.  They are colonial and build huge nests in cell towers 
and utility poles.  Very noisy.

Any one have a suitable recipe?


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