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Let me take a crack at this...

Oh, and I presume the person does not want the Doug and Bob MacKenzie

Five golden toques!  Four pounds of backbacon, three french toast, two
turtlenecks and a beeeeer in a treeeeeee...

Anyway, the whole thing has a lot of poultry, so we may have to get

12 drummers drumming  How about a drum full of booze?  doesn't have to be
50-gallon, but you could set this on the table with a dipper, and let people
serve themselves.....drinks for the entire feast.  Maybe...hmm.....mead?
Metheglin?  Wassail?  Spiced fruit punch served hot with cinnamon?

11 pipers piping  cannelloni made to look like plumbing?  penne pasta?
piping hot tea? pepperoni? peppermint?  pepperwhatever?  hot peppers?  black
pepper? hasenpfeffer?  a piping hot pepper soup?  a bell pepper dish made in
the shape of dice?  (peppers with pips)

10 lords a leaping  King Salmon?  They do leap upstream to spawn......

9 ladies dancing Pink Lady cocktails?  Lady fingers?  Or soup, with the
ladle dancing? perhaps something with a pink lady-flavored topping...

8 maids a milking  something made of milk, obviously.  Although a subtlety
of the upper torso of  anatomically-correct milkmaids with a milk-colored
glaze over the naughty bits does come to mind....it'd never pass
committee...oh, dear, I'm in a mood, it appears.  Perhaps a cream sauce in a
maid-shaped pitcher, to pour over one of the other items....or a
cow-and-maid subtlety...

7 swans a swimming swan-shaped dumplings in a gravy sauce.  I like biscuits
and gravy.  or perhaps swan-shaped dumplings topping a seriously liquaceous

6 geese a laying  eggs carved to look like geese, or perhaps this
egg-and-chicken pie, substituting goose?
http://www.godecookery.com/mtrans/mtrans25.htm  it's period....
deviled eggs and gooseberries?  perhaps eggs with a goose-shaped insert of
some kind....

5 golden rings bagels with pineapple and cream cheese?  cantaloupe circles
in lemon sauce?  a ring of whatever drenched in hollandaise sauce/cheese
sauce?  perhaps a fondue?  chile con queso served hot with chips in
ring-shaped bowls?

4 falling turds.....er.... calling birds marzipan parrots, of course.  or
chicken and collared greens.....

3 french wench (er, excuse me french HENS)  what are the french stereotyped
for?  oranges, onions, garlic.  Any of these would be fine, it might be nice
to do either a sweet dish (with orange chicken something or other), or a
savory (onion or garlic chicken).  Perhaps chicken in wine sauce?  Bleu
cheese/roquefort chicken?

2 purple ducks (no, no, turtledoves) torn squab on turtle-shaped salad
(avocadoes for the turtle shape?), mock turtle soup with dove-shaped
biscuits, a dove bar melted onto chocolate turtle cake,

and the partridge family!  ER, partridge in a pear tree.  So many
possibilities; a meat pie with some sort of squab or chicken and fruit, lots
of period examples here, a tree-like salad with squab, pears carved into
partridges and roasted in something sticky....they're almost
partridge-shaped, already.  Just add beak.

I think it really depends on how you're doing this...with
removes/Russian-style?  Or French-style with it all out at once?  Balancing
the flavors is tricky, which is why I tried to give options...

On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 9:37 AM, <chawkswrth at aol.com> wrote:

> Let us say that the Event Stewart comes to you and requests a Feast based
> on the poem/song, the 12 days of Christmas for a 12th Night Event for a many
> months in the Future Date.
> Setting aside the possible Non-Period question, as well as budget concerns,
> what would you do with it?
> And what the heck is a Calling Bird?
> I will admit that I would be tempted to prepare a roast duck with a toy
> telephone tucked under a wing....
> Thank you!
> Helen
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