[Sca-cooks] Starlings and quick loaf breads

Liz Wilson ewilson618 at tx.rr.com
Fri Dec 25 01:33:17 PST 2009

What is the difference between starlings and grackles?  In Dallas there
are tons of grackles that are in the trees downtown, especially in
the summer.  They are a menace!

OP:  In cleaning out cabinets the other day I found a Pampered Chef mini
loaf pan (stoneware, brand new, but I can only find one recipe for mini loaves 
(cranberry orange) on their website.  Can I just use a zucchini bread
or banana bread recipe as is, or do I need to make adjustments to it since
the loaves are smaller (4 to a pan).  Any good mini loaf recipes out

Also, since this stoneware does not appear to have ever
been used (maybe once), any suggestions on how to keep the
loaves from sticking?   I believe the Pampered Chef website says to
use a fine coating of oil but won't this soak into the loaves and possibly
make them greasy on the outside?

Christianna in Texas (trying to remember how to cook now that her
kids are older and she might actually have time) 

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