[Sca-cooks] "Bojal" wheat

Antonia di Benedetto Calvo dama.antonia at gmail.com
Sat Dec 26 16:19:37 PST 2009

Suey wrote:
> Antonia di Benedetto Calvo wrote:
> Durum wheat does not seem to arrive in Spain until the 8th C AD with 
> the Muslims.
*shrug* I don't see that there's a better translation.

> Unfortunately I do not have a copy of Font Quer but hope to go to the 
> National Library soon here where they have one and not too many pages 
> are torn out! Perhaps they can say more but still I am searching on 
> internet. My personal library has nothing as far as I can see.
> Is there a way for Wikipedia to answer this query?

You can ask on the article's talk page or you could check who added that 
part of the article and ask him/her about it. 

Alternately, you could look at the article's reference list to find the 
source of the informtion.  It looks like the source might have been
/La cultura de la alimentación en el mundo ibérico/ by Arturo Oliver Foix.

Antonia di Benedetto Calvo

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