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Yeah, I misspoke.... I just went to confirm that my book shows the
transcription on one side of the page and the translation on the other. So
indeed each of the four manuscripts has its own translation. Sometimes it is
hard to remember in the wee hours of the morning how manuscripts are
presented in various books.


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There's an English translation to each of the original manuscripts.
There should be posts in the Florilegium regarding the Libellus.
I did a number of posts about it right after I joined the list in 2001
because I was one of the only people that owned it at the time.


Euriol of Lothian wrote:
> Here is the information I have on the book:
> Grewe Rudolf and Hieatt Constance B.Libellus de arte coquinaria: An Early
Northern Cookery Book [Book]. - Tempe : Arizona Center for Medieval and
Renaissance Studies, 2001. - p. 158. - A critical edition and translation of
13th century Germanic recipes based on four extant manuscripts written in
Danish, Icelandic and Low German. - ISBN 0-86698-264-7.
> The book contains the text from the four manuscripts and an English
Translation. It does seem this Harpstrang cookbook maybe one of these four

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