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Ranvaig asked:

<<<I picked up a couple boxes of clearance fancy mushrooms, including  
shitake, oyster and enoki mushrooms, about a pound in all.  Any  
suggestions how to use them? >>>

Mushroom soup. Either from scratch, or (quit snickering, Adamantius)  
chop and add them to a can of good mushroom soup. Quite easy to do  
that way and it adds a lot to the standard canned soup.

For some other ideas, check these files in the FOOD-VEGETABLES  
section of the Florilegium:
mushrooms-msg    (156K)  2/ 8/08    Period mushrooms. Recipes.
23-Ger-Mushrm-art (28K)  3/ 6/03    "Twenty-three German Mushroom  
                                        by Urtatim.

To store the mushrooms, get them out of any plastic they are in and  
put them in a paper bag and put it in the refrigerator. Rather than  
getting soggy and moldy, they gradually dry out so even if you can't  
use them immediately you can later still re-hydrate and use them or  
use them in recipes calling for dried recipes. And I like to re- 
hydrate mine in wine rather than just water.

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