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<<Okay, smart guy, now you have to regale us with the story or we will all 
be awake all night, trying to image how many tonnes of mushrooms were 
involved here.  Please?


Kihe Blackeagle wrote:
> Great rule of life, and I quote:  "There are NEVER enough mushrooms!"  -- 
attributed to a Princess of Cynagua, or somewhere out there in the West (I 
learnt it of a Bard resident in Cynagua, along with an *excellent* story to 
accompany the adage:  there were *almost* enough mushrooms, once upon a time . . .)>>
I don't know that story, but I do know that one King of the East had to admit 
that there could indeed be too many mushrooms when he was presented with an 
entire flat or pallet, I forget which, at a feast.  (The East Kingdom includes, 
besides most of the major chocolate manufacturers - all of them located 
either within my shire or very close to it, the Kennet Square area of Chester 
County, which is pretty much the mushroom growing capitol of the world).
Brangwayna Morgan
Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
Lancaster, PA
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