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<<Most likely the soup will be made ahead. The kitchen is small, so it is 
hard to share all weekend with the ones who will also be using it-the Travelers' 
Fare for Friday Night and the Royal Luncheon on Saturday Morning. The Soup, 
the breads, and whatever else will be made ahead, if it can be canned or frozen 
(preferably frozen)
It is the logististics of poaching 12 dozen eggs that is intemidating. 
Imagine, if you will, standing over a pot of boiling stock or water, breaking one 
egg into a small bowl, stirring the stock vigorously, creating a vortex, and 
quickly sliding the egg into the vortex while removing the spoon, carefully. Now, 
do that 144-150 times. 
Now you see why coddled or hard-boiled eggs sounds so much better, faster, 
And stuffed eggs can be done in batches, the night before. 

Do it one way, that will take up a knowledgable kitchen staffer all day, or 
do it the fast and easier way, where you can have? couple of not-so-experienced 
staffers working together when the help is plentiful....>>
If the recipe you have chosen to use is not suitable to the size of the feast 
or the facilities and help you have at hand, then would it not make more 
sense to choose a recipe that is more suitable than to try to modify this one?
Also, if the kitchen facilities are not sufficient to allow the creation of 
three different meals, then perhaps alternative plans should be made?  Either 
eliminating or changing one or more of the meals so as to allow it to be 
prepared elsewhere and leave the kitchen facilities free for use by the feast staff?
I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but I'm seeing this as an issue of 
insufficent planning and/or deciding on what's going to be done without taking the 
facilities into account and then refusing to change when you realize that 
you've planned badly, rather than an issue of how to modify a recipe.  Changing 
your recipe and/or how many groups are fighting over kitchen space is going to, 
overall, make the event a lot less stressful and more fun for everyone involved.
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Lancaster, PA
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