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> From: Kean Gryffyth
> Greetings all,
>     My Lady and I recently had dinner a small family run Spanish 
> restaurant, where we had a simple garlic soup that seemed as if it might 
> be a period recipe. It was a broth, probably beef, with crushed garlic, 
> egg (seemed to be almost like egg drop soup in the way the egg was done) 
> with dried bread chunks floated on top. Does anyone know of a period 
> recipe for a soup like this? The soup was served hot, btw.

I did the cookbook-search thing and the closest recipe I could find was
a sauce recipe from "Ein Buch von guter spise" (see below, just because
it looks interesting on its own).  None of the recipes from Anonymous
Andalusian even looked close.

I'll have to look more closely for soups with egg that don't have garlic
and see what's there.  I know of a French "green" soup I tried a while
back that did that egg-drop soup thing.  It tasted great, but there was
no way I could ever serve it to anyone - it looked like something
someone threw up.

This is an excerpt from Ein Buch von guter spise
(Germany, ca. 1345 - Alia Atlas, trans.)

49. Ein gut salse (A good sauce). Nim win und honigsaum. setze daz uf
daz fiur und laz ez sieden. und tu dar zu gestozzen ingeber me denne
pfeffers. stoz knobelauch. doch niht al zu vil und mach ez stark. und
rüerez mit eyer schinen. laz ez sieden biz daz ez brünnien beginne.
diz sal man ezzen in kaldem wetere und heizzet swallenberges salse.

Take wine and honey. Set that on the fire and let it boil. And add
thereto pounded ginger more than pepper. Pound garlic, but not all too
much, and make it strong and give it impetus with eggwhites. Let it boil
until it begins to become brown. One should eat this in cold weather and
is called Swallenberg sauce.

- Doc

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