[Sca-cooks] waffles vs. pancakes

ranvaig at columbus.rr.com ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Wed Feb 25 20:33:05 PST 2009

>My other problem is that I shouldn't use the regular syrups, because of my diabetes, and haven't found a diet syrup which didn't taste of the cheaper sugar substitutes.

Who says waffles have to be sweet?  I don't care for syrup on pancakes and waffles, and usually have them with Thai peanut sauce...  or salsa and a little cheese..  or cream cheese and lox and a little onion... or a little bleu cheese and some sliced pears... or mix parmesan and fresh herbs in the batter.

I also find references to waffles and creamed chicken, or a pork sausage waffle served with sausages and leeks.. or fried chicken and waffles is apparently a classic in some places.  I know that wont suit your diet, but there are other options.  You could probably put anything you would make into a pie, on top of a waffle.

Or if they must be sweet, some sauteed apples or pears and a sprinkle of nuts.. or a little dark chocolate and raspberries.. or fresh lemon or orange and a just little honey.. or blueberry waffles with mascarpone.



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