[Sca-cooks] Happy about Scappi

Gaylin Walli gaylinwalli at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 05:39:59 PST 2009

I have to confess I've not gotten my copy of Scappi yet due to finances, but
I thought I would at least let people know that I already know of one
publication in the works, written by Mistress Helewyse and Master Basilius
of the Midrealm, that should serve as an excellent companion to the Scappi
work. They're working on an SCA cooking guide to using the publication to
help cooks deal with some of Scully's errors with weights and measures (and
some counter arguments about a few of the ingredients, with evidence and
explanations). When I talked to Helewyse about it the other day she said
she'd be happy to format up a saveable, double-sided cheat sheet for
everyone (I asked for laminated cardstock, but I'm demanding that way
*grin*). I can't wait to see both the translation and the critique of
Scully. I think it will go a long way to further out research efforts.


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