[Sca-cooks] Lentils, lentils everywhere....

S CLEMENGER sclemenger at msn.com
Sun Jan 4 20:53:24 PST 2009

Hey, gang!
At some point, a couple of months ago, I managed to come home with some small bags of unusual lentils and I don't really have any recipes that would do them justice.  I have one bag of itty-bitty black ones, and another bag of small, reddish-orange ones.  Does anyone have any recipes they'd recommend? I'm guessing from their small size, that they'd cook more quickly than the standard lentils I've made soup with in the past, but I'm blank past that point.  I've never worked with gourmet lentils before, lol!
p.s.  Period recipes or modern ones...just looking to use up what I've got in the house AND vary my diet a bit!

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