[Sca-cooks] To make Lobster-Loaves.

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Reading through some old list digests for some stuff to add to the  
Florilegium I came across this recipe posted by Gunthar:
<<< Well, the first thing that comes to mind are the lobster rolls.
To make Lobster-Loaves. PICK out all the Meat of three little
Lobsters shred it a little; take a piece of Butter, and brown it with
Flour in a Sauce-pan: the stir in a very little Onion and Parsley
shred very fine, and put in a little Pepper, a Spoonful of Anchovy
Liquor, three or four Spoonfuls of good Gravy, three Yolks of Eggs
well beat; stir all these over the Fire in the brown Butter, then put
in the Lobster, and stir it a little together: Take three French
Rolls, and cut a round Piece off the top of each, and pick out the
Crumb, but do not Break Holes through the Sides of the Bread; fill up
the Roll with the Mixture you have prepared; put on the Piece of Top
you cut off, close and tie them round with a Piece of Tape: Make some
Dripping boiling hot in your Frying-pan; and when you have just dipt
the Roll in Milk, throw it in to the Pan-full of scalding Liquor:
When they are crisp, take them out, and take off the Tape: Be sure to
put in three times as much Parsly as Onion.

Thus you may do Shrimp or Oyster-Loaves.
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Has anyone tried this recipe?

What is "anchovy liquor"? Is that the juice from fresh, squeezed  
anchovies? Or is this water after anchovies are boiled in it? Would a  
little bit of canned anchovy work instead? I can get that.

What is "gravy" in this recipe?

I also wonder how big a "little lobster" was.  I'm assuming that  
lobsters are in general much smaller today because of overfishing and  
environmental dangers to lobsters.  I was also wondering if crawfish  
might actually be meant, but even three large crawfish doesn't sound  
like enough to fill three "French Rolls".   I wonder if shrimp might  
be a good substitute while working out this recipe rather than  
expensive lobster. I have some canned crab, but I doubt that that is  
firm enough and it likely has a stronger taste than shrimp or lobster.

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