[Sca-cooks] paws, claws and Chevrolet No va

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 12:07:21 PST 2009

Many thanks for correcting me. Chicken indeed have feet with claws but no paws.

Adamantius wrote:

> And then, of course, there were stories of the mysteriously low sales  
> numbers for the Chevrolet Nova automobile throughout the Spanish- 
> speaking world. While, technically, it does sort of sound like "Chevy  
> doesn't go", I find it hard to accept the idea that this is the first  
> thing anybody who thinks in Spanish, which is derived from Latin,  
> thinks when they hear that. at earthlink.net)
Chevrolet No va - doesn't sound like sort of "Chevy doesn't go,"  it is: 
"Chevy doesn't go!" Chevy owners around here are 35 or younger. Anyone 
older than that would never buy one. Yes, the intended meaning was 
"nova", "nueva", "new" but Latin is a dying language which many 
potential Latin American customers did not understand. Anyway I find all 
this off topic put amusing.

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