[Sca-cooks] Gulf Wars BBQ competition - sigh

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 19 08:12:38 PST 2009

So we have been informed of a Barbecue competition to be held
at Gulf Wars. They want the Royals to be judges in addition to a
"Bean Drop" populace vote.
There has even been talk of Food Network coming out to film it.
Um...why is my head about to explode?
I know the people involved have put a lot of work into this and think
it will a really fun event. But it just makes me twitch. Especially the
Food Network thing. That's all we need to continue the stereotype
that the SCA is nothing more than a trumped up Rennfaire who doesn't
even attempt at historic accuracy. What is next? A turkey leg competition?
And, yes, I do know that Ansteorra is hosting a Chili Night party the same as
we have done at Pennsic for years. But I consider that a totally different 
animal. We are having a fun "Texas theme" party in our camp. Yes, it again
presents a stereotype that you can't have fun and be Medieval. But at least
it is a gift given to the camp attendees. We know chili isn't period but neither
are Hawaiian luaus or any of the other rather silly parties that groups host.
We aren't having a chili competition. That's the difference. If a group was
having a party and giving barbecue to the masses, we wouldn't really have
a problem with it. Although I would someday love to have a big kingdom
party and serve beer, ale, wine, cider and period munchies. Just to show you
can actually enjoy period fare. 
I will probably get into trouble for posting this rant because as King I need to
support my people. But as a Cooking Laurel I'm feeling terribly squicky about
the whole thing.
Now, wet chemise competitions? THAT'S entertainment!
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