[Sca-cooks] Seige Cooking strategies & Maximizing Feast Ingredients

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Fri Jan 2 11:27:56 PST 2009

well I saw them do the same thing with the skin of the wild boar last night.... Fried it up as Cracklins... didn't win him anything but the judges at least liked that part... But then they creamed this guy.... 
"Good but tough..." 
"Good but tough..." 
"Not that tough but the taste is off..." 
"This one is good..."

Kind of thing for almost every dish of his..... (Those were comments for each dish not each judge.)

I missed the sausage one... I am still more of a fan of the Original show rather than ICAmerica where it seems like they have to treat the audience like idiots and the chefs have seemed to hit a pattern in most of the dishes,.... I dunno though I am probably biased.... 


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> . I didn't run by the TV again at 
> the right time to see how they used it in a dish. Anyone else see that 
> episode? 

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