[Sca-cooks] Question about Citron Leaves

Elaine Koogler kiridono at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 18:26:06 PST 2009

Wow!  Thanks for the prompt response, folks!  Selene, if you check the
Wikipedia entry, there is a picture of a citron, including the leaves.  The
appearance is a little different from the lime leaves, but they are still
pretty much the same shiny green.  So yes, if you don't mind, that would be
great.  Do you have my address?  By seeing them and smelling them, I can
perchance figure out how close the lime leaves would be.  It appears to me
that, as the warm eggplant and sauce mixture are put on top of the leaves,
the leaves would lend a kind of fragrant taste to the whole.  I doubt that
they would be eaten, but would still provide some taste to the dish.

Thanks again for all of your help!


On Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 7:10 PM, Susan Fox <selene at earthlink.net> wrote:

> A tree at my parents' house has been tenatively identified as some kind of
> citron.  Otherwise, the lemons are mind-bogglingly ugly.  Want me to mail
> you some?
> All citrus leaves are pleasantly scented and non-poisonous, to the best of
> my knowledge, and would make a suitable kind of leaf to spread over a
> food-bearing surface.  Precursor to foil, smells better and bio-degradable!
> Selene
> Elaine Koogler wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I'm working on figuring out dishes for my Middle Eastern feast at the end
>> of
>> February.  I'm looking at an Andalusian recipe, "A Dish of Eggplants with
>> Saffron" that calls for, among other things, citron leaves.  I have
>> googled
>> them and can only find a description of them, but no one seems to carry
>> them!  So...I was wondering.  I can get hold of kaffir lime leaves...would
>> these be a reasonable substitute for the citron leaves?  They are both
>> citrus fruits, and the Wikipedia article indicates that citron, pomelo and
>> mandarin orange were the original citrus fruits...and that citron is the
>> name used in several countries for lemon.  So they appear to be closely
>> related.
>> Any opinions??
>> Kiri
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