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The problem is that we're looking at "serving" without defining what a
serving is -- how much cooked rice do you get from x amount of uncooked
rice is a better question (I don't remember whether the ratio is 2:1 or
3:1). If know what size serving you want, then you can use that to figure
out how much rice to cook (rather than letting the seller tell you how big
your servings should be)...

toodles, margaret

--On Monday, January 05, 2009 2:35 PM -0500 Johnna Holloway
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> My 25 pound bag of Kokuho Rose Rice says that it makes 250 servings at
> three-quarters cup of prepared rice per person.
> http://www.cookingindex.com/recipes/61268/basmati-rice.htm
> indicates that
> for basmati  -- two cups of raw rice serves 6. That indicates raw rice at
> one third cup
> per person for a serving. The Kokuho Rose indicates a serving is one
> quarter cup raw rice.
> I found these sorts of differences across the web in a variety of places.
> So does one
> cup of raw rice serve 4 people or only 3 people when cooked and how does
> that work
> with your other ingredients and in your recipe?
> The other major problem is are you cooking  for 50 people or 120. That's
> quite a range
> of difference. On the other hand rice is not an expensive ingredient as
> things go.
> Johnnae
> Christiane wrote:
>> Just a quick question to see if my numbers are right ... snipped
>> One of the dishes I am making is a basic rice, lentils, and onions dish
>> (mujadara, spiced up with sumac, cinnamon, white pepper, fenugreek, sea
>> salt, and a touch of cardamom). I plan to use basmati rice. Estimated
>> serving sizes I found on an ag extension Website talked of 1 pound of
>> rice being 12 servings.
>> I figured one 15-pound bag of rice should do it for the event, which
>> could range from 50 to 120 people, depending on weather and daytrippers.
>> My question is, am I underestimating?
>> Gianotta
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