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Thanks to everyone for their insights. I have a basic mujaddara recipe of two cups of rice, one cup of dried lentils, and two medium onions or one gigantic onion. This makes one basic half-catering pan full, I have found. 

Here's where it gets interesting for me; when I made it for the bands I catered for, I found that one pan was never enough, and I had to make two. At the end of the evening, I'd come to clean up and found that there was only a couple of servings left; these were usually snapped up by a vegan band member. 

I would also get told, "I was just going to have one serving, but I went back there three times!"

Apparently my mujaddara inspires severe gluttony.

>Of course as I said originally
>"So does one cup of raw rice serve 4 people or only 3 people when cooked 
>and how does that work with your other ingredients and in your recipe?"
>In this case the recipe also includes lentils, and onions so is a 
>desired portion one half cup of prepared rice plus the lentils
>and onions or perhaps three--quarters cup of rice plus the lentils and 
>What's the proportion of the other ingredients to the rice?
>Gretchen Beck wrote:
>> The problem is that we're looking at "serving" without defining what a
>> serving is -- how much cooked rice do you get from x amount of uncooked
>> rice is a better question (I don't remember whether the ratio is 2:1 or
>> 3:1). If know what size serving you want, then you can use that to figure
>> out how much rice to cook (rather than letting the seller tell you how big
>> your servings should be)...
>> toodles, margaret
>> --On Monday, January 05, 2009 2:35 PM -0500 Johnna Holloway
>> <johnnae at mac.com> wrote:
>>> My 25 pound bag of Kokuho Rose Rice says that it makes 250 servings at
>>> three-quarters cup of prepared rice per person.
>>> http://www.cookingindex.com/recipes/61268/basmati-rice.htm
>>> indicates that
>>> for basmati  -- two cups of raw rice serves 6. That indicates raw rice at
>>> one third cup
>>> per person for a serving. The Kokuho Rose indicates a serving is one
>>> quarter cup raw rice.
>>> I found these sorts of differences across the web in a variety of places.
>>> So does one
>>> cup of raw rice serve 4 people or only 3 people when cooked and how does
>>> that work
>>> with your other ingredients and in your recipe?
>>> The other major problem is are you cooking  for 50 people or 120. That's
>>> quite a range
>>> of difference. On the other hand rice is not an expensive ingredient as
>>> things go.
>>> Johnnae
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>After all that talk about peeling eggs, I found something interesting in a Walter Drake catalog. It's described as an 'Instant Egg Peeler'? that 'shells eggs automatically without tedious peeling. Just slip onto faucet, insert egg and turn on the water. Presto! Egg slides out of the shell like magic!'? 
>The item appears to be a flexible cone of rubber which uses the force of the water from the sink to push off the shell (sorta like the 'put it up to your mouth and blow' technique discussed here...)
>I haven't tried it yet myself... Anyway, it costs around $5 and the control number in the catalog I have is 303532.? (1-800-525-9291 and they probably have on-line as well.)
>Devra the Baker
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