[Sca-cooks] ginormous amounts of cabbage

Antonia Calvo ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
Fri Jan 9 20:46:31 PST 2009

Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius wrote:
> On Jan 9, 2009, at 10:12 PM, Stefan li Rous wrote:
>> So what are you planning on making with this ginormous amount of 
>> cabbage? Stuffed cabbages?
> It's being shredded, so I doubt it's being stuffed.
>> pickled cabbages, sauerkraut? Although I seem to remember no one 
>> having definative proof for sauerkraut being period, or at least no 
>> recipe.
> Apart from the remains of pots of pickled cabbage being found in the 
> base of the Great Wall of China and elsewhere, I believe sauerkraut is 
> mentioned in Marx Rumpolt.

Certainly is-- I think it says something like "pig's foot with 
sauerkraut isn't bad".

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