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Yeah... I thought I tried to indicate my caveat that the temperatures would
be low enough, as in the case of the reason why East Kingdom Twelfth Night
is being delayed. When I cooked AEthelmearc Twelfth Night Feast last year
(although I did not have a postponement of the event) my garage never got
higher than 30F the two weeks before the event... cold enough to keep any
food I would have stored there well out of the danger zone. I do have a
small chest freezer in my garage for year round use. However, due to an
issue I had with some help since I was working out of state, the food was
bought the day before the event and only had to be stored for 1 night in the

My personal horror story on that is I walked into the kitchen on the day of
the event 5 hours behind schedule. However, since I planned the timing of
everything based on 2 people working the kitchen, everything was ready on
time (or nearly on time, in the case of the lunch) for there was no fewer
than 8 people at any time in the kitchen.


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> One thing to consider, since it is an "winter storm". Many things can be
> kept frozen in coolers in an unheated garage or shed, the idea being the
> temperatures are low enough to keep the food frozen.
> Euriol
It  depends on where you are. The high today in Oklahoma City was 74, it is 
currently 43 with high wind gusts.

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