[Sca-cooks] Feast nightmare

Barbara Benson voxeight at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 18:08:32 PST 2009

> Euriol> My personal horror story on that is I walked into the kitchen on the day of
> the event 5 hours behind schedule. However, since I planned the timing of
> everything based on 2 people working the kitchen, everything was ready on
> time (or nearly on time, in the case of the lunch) for there was no fewer
> than 8 people at any time in the kitchen.

About 10 days before my first (and to date only) Coronation feast the
site I had planned the feast for was put into action in its emergency
shelter form for Katrina victims. The autocrat of the event managed to
get another site for the same weekend but it had a drastically
different kitchen and Hall.

It all turned out just fine, but there was major stress. Then there
was the year that I ended up getting 2 feasts 2 weeks before the event
dates because of personal emergencies on behalf of the head cooks.
Neither of them had done anything like planning so I  had to start
from scratch. Except for one of them, who had thoughtfully spent half
of the budget on beef and chicken 4 months prior to the event. She
threw it all into her freezer with no processing at all (it was all in
its original Styrofoam tray/cling film packaging) and it was all

And finally, there was the one event where I was standing in line to
troll in and the Baroness of the group walked up to me and said "Hi,
how do you feel about cooking the feast".

Good times, Good times

Serena da Riva

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