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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Jan 11 02:39:24 PST 2009

Brighid ni Chiarain asked:

<<< So, how did our ancestors make their stocks and broths?  And what
flavorings (if any) did they add in lieu of tomato paste? >>>

Good questions.  I've just used what others suggested here before.  
You might check this Florilegium file in the FOOD section, but I'm  
not sure we've discussed this before on that 'period' a level. I  
doubt they used tomato paste, though.
broths-msg        (72K)  2/ 3/08    Broths in period recipes.  

  <<< p.s.  I love some of the signs that are posted in stores where the
employees' first language is not English.  "Lemon gress" is merely a
misspelling, but "chicken paws" took me aback. >>>

Huh? I thought at first you were referring to signs *for* the non- 
English speakers. What *was* meant by this "chicken paws" sign?  
Chicken feet? I've never seen them here in any grocery, although  
perhaps an oriental market might have them. I've never looked.

If someone does want a period recipe for "chicken paws"/chicken feet,  
I think I do have a recipe in the Florilegium or perhaps just in my  
notes here at home.

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