[Sca-cooks] Two New (to me) Books

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Sun Jan 11 05:30:59 PST 2009

I mentioned the new Menagier translation in my list of forthcoming books 
in the fall.

It's still supposed to be out this month but it's not yet been released.
I suspect that it may be quite interesting. The authors are:
Gina L. Greco is Associate Professor of French at Portland State 
Christine M. Rose is Professor of English at Portland State University.

Quite a price difference between the 69.00 hardcover and the 25.00 
Be sure and specify the paperback if you don't want to pay that 
additional money.

I suspect Devra will carry it.

The Henisch book seems to have escaped me back in August. She's the author
of Fast and Feast and The Medieval Calendar Year which were published in 
the US years
and years ago. The former is on feasts and feast customs and dates from 
the age of the first edition of Pleyn Delit.
It was published in 1977. Still worth reading.
The later volume is on calendar customs.
Prospect Books brought out her Cakes and Characters in 1984 but it's 
been out of print
for a decade or longer. It was on Christmas Cakes and Christmas figures.

http://www.boydell.co.uk/43834383.HTM   has the details

It's not due out until February 19th, 2009.

I am also waiting for Plenti and Grase: Food and Drink in a 
Sixteenth-Century Household.

Hope this helps


        by Mark Dawson to be published. 

But at least the Scappi is already out.


Wanda Pease wrote:
> I recently got my January 2009 copy of Speculum: A Journal of Medieval
> Studies snipped
> In the very back are advertisements from University snipped
> The Medieval Cook, Bridget Ann Henisch from Boydell and Brewer  "The figure
> of the medieval cook revealed in the context of time and circumstances."
> Unlikely to be fiction in this venue. ($47.95 but Amazon has it for $31.00
> The second is a new translation of Le' Me'nagier de Paris - titled The God
> Wife's Guide, translated by Gina L. Greco and Christine M. Rose.snipped
> Recommendations?  Has anyone seen these?  Maybe at Kalamazoo?
> Regina

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