[Sca-cooks] 7 lb roasting hen questions

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 16 11:05:09 PST 2009

> If this isn't just your typical "oven-stuffer roaster" with a slightly > odd set of instructions, it may need that long, moist cooking to > tenderize it, in which case the skin might not be all that appetizing > -- not as tender as boiled chicken skin, but also not as brown and > tasty as the skin of a roast chicken.
The wrapper says "Top Bee" Moist-n-Tender Hen. 
I figured it was a roaster but maybe it isn't. More like the bird you
use for a proper Coq au Vin. 
So, roasting may result in a dry and stringy bird although it looks
plump enough.  
Since they are coming over tonight I really don't think I have time
to brine and then roast it. > Sounds to me like a good candidate for fricassee.
Unfortunately Her Highness was over here on Wednesday and I
served a fricassee. So I don't want to subject her to a braised
chicken dish on her two visits.
I think I'm going to go by the package directions. Season the
bird well, put some aromatics in the cavity and put water with
lemon, white wine and herbs in the bottom of the roasting pan.
Put the chicken on a rack and steam/roast for a couple of hours.
I'm also going to broil a couple of steaks to go along with it.
Then add some homey side dishes like mashed potatoes and
beef gravy, kernel corn and either sweet peas or sautee'd 
green beans.
Her Highness doesn't like onions or mushrooms so there goes
half of my repertoire right there.
> Adamantius
Sheesh, who'd a thunk I'd have picky Heirs?
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