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question is then, what type of classes regarding cooking would you like to
see taught?>>
What level students are you considering?
If it's a newcomer's academy, then a basic class on available foodstuffs and 
some non-threatening things to taste would be great.  Or, I have a class that 
looks at commercially available cookbooks that might have period recipes in 
them, how to decide how trustworthy they are, and how to decide which one suits 
your needs, which usually goes over pretty well.
At the Known World Cooks and Bards Schola, there was a more advanced class 
that looked at available AngloSaxon foodstuffs and some conjectual recipes.  The 
teacher had some ingredients available and there as a small kitchen, so we 
kind of got on a Anglo-Saxon cooking brain and tried to come up with plausible 
stuff.  We made griddle cakes with honey, butter and flour and baked them on a 
tray on top of the woodstove, made some poached pears, and two of us made 
(very different) pork pasties.  It was a tremendous amount of fun, but you really 
needed to have a good background in historical cookery for it to work.
Brangwayna Morgan
Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
Lancaster, PA
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