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I just taught a class similar to this last year at Pennsic (as well as KWCB
and a Cook's Collegium held in East Kingd), but not to the extent of
actually cooking. What I did after I went through an example of redacting a
recipe under the lecture, was to break the class into small groups and let
the groups pick one of the translations I provided. Each group worked out a
draft redaction of the recipe. The last few minutes I had the class come
back together to share the impressions of the recipe and the draft redaction
they came up with.

At my home, a week from today, I will have a "Redaction Party". This is
where I'll be sure to have ingredients on hand for several recipes and then
the people will come to my home, make their redaction and then cook it.

The West Kingdom Twelfth Night Wooden Spoon competition is very similar to
your thoughts on providing the same recipe. The minister of the Wooden Spoon
publishes a couple months in advance a recipe in its original language. The
competitors are expected to translate and redact this recipe. It is amazing
to see the various interpretations that people have on the same recipe.


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Something I have been thinking about, but haven't been able to do, is do a
two part class on redacting period recipes. This probably would be a better
class for Pennsic or some other war.  The first part is a lecture class
giving the theories and your practical experience in redaction.  The second
part is dividing the class into groups, giving each group the same recipe,
the same ingredients and access to a campfire, a propane stove, and cooking
utensils, etc.  At the end of the class, everyone presents their redaction
and everyone gets to taste what was made.  It could be a kind of expensive
class, but you should divide the food expenses between all of the students.
You can also scrounge equipment, stoves etc., from friends and groups or ask
that the students bring what they can.  This would give your students good,
practical experience in redaction.  You should be on hand to advise each
group if they get stuck or have questions.


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> My kingdom (and of course there is always Pennsic) has
> several events
> through the  year where classes are taught. I would like to
> put together a
> couple of new classes, and find myself stumbling for
> specific topics. My
> question is then, what type of classes regarding cooking
> would you like to
> see taught?
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