[Sca-cooks] Topics for Classes for Scholas

David Friedman ddfr at daviddfriedman.com
Sun Jan 18 15:20:52 PST 2009

What we have done, many times, is a cooking workshop, usually in our 
home. People arrive, usually Saturday at one or so. When you arrive 
we hand you a stack of period recipes, unredacted, and you pick one. 
During the afternoon each participant makes his recipe, with advice 
from us as needed, recording in detail everything he does. When 
something is done, everyone tries it and makes comments.

The idea is, first, to convince people that they really can start 
with a period recipe and end up with something consistent with that 
recipe that is good to eat, and second to provide a start at working 
out a bunch of recipes. Participants can, of course, take home a copy 
of their recipe for further trial and error development.

There's no reason it couldn't be done at a schola, provided you were 
willing to spend the three hours+ it would probably take.

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