[Sca-cooks] Gulf Wars BBQ competition - sigh

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 19 10:12:54 PST 2009

What Helen Said.

I've been here trying to control my blood pressure over this report.  
But as a Laurel and as King, you have the unique opportunity to moderate 
the flame of this situation.

Yeah, I know, I was on Food Network cooking post-period recipes, can I 
talk?  I was not representing the SCA at the time, so, yes I can.  I too 
entreat you to support your people and the Society by not letting them 
look less than their historical best on network television, for years of 
reruns to come.

Besides, there is a lot of awesome period roast recipes and sauce-work 
that will taste good to modern palates.  What is the difference between 
a good Barbe Robert and a South Carolina vinegar/mustard Q sauce 
anyway?  Point them to the Sauces-msg file in the Florilegium and let 
the fires burn.

Dame Selene Colfox, Caid
herald, cook and bottle washer

chawkswrth at aol.com wrote:
> Your Majesty;
> I cannot help but agree. I was...appalled when I first read of it and I am still. And now, they want to bring in the Food Network? Whaat ARE these people thinking!
> But, I think it can still be...'played with', if a concerted effort is taken by the cooks to keep it in Period. 
> Barbeque is a modern version of open fire cooking. Keeping that in mind, any meat can be cooked over an open fire, and never see a drop of red sauce. Period Verjuice and vinagar sauces, yes, but not the sweet TOMATO sauces so prevalent today. 
> You, yourself have experimented with spinning chickens and other means of cooking meat over a fire, so you understand the challenges, all too well. 
> If I may so humbly make a suggestion?
> If I were in your shoes, I would suggest a special catagory for the Most Period set-up, as well as the Best use of Period Techniques, and Best Period Recipe. Challenge the Cooks to bring their Period Game, not the Modern Game. 
> May the best Period Cook Win!
> Helen
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> o we have been informed of a Barbecue competition to be held
> t Gulf Wars. They want the Royals to be judges in addition to a
> Bean Drop" populace vote.
> here has even been talk of Food Network coming out to film it.
> m...why is my head abo
> ut to explode?
>  know the people involved have put a lot of work into this and think
> t will a really fun event. But it just makes me twitch. Especially the
> ood Network thing. That's all we need to continue the stereotype
> hat the SCA is nothing more than a trumped up Rennfaire who doesn't
> ven attempt at historic accuracy. What is next? A turkey leg competition?
> nd, yes, I do know that Ansteorra is hosting a Chili Night party the same as
> e have done at Pennsic for years. But I consider that a totally different 
> nimal. We are having a fun "Texas theme" party in our camp. Yes, it again
> resents a stereotype that you can't have fun and be Medieval. But at least
> t is a gift given to the camp attendees. We know chili isn't period but neither
> re Hawaiian luaus or any of the other rather silly parties that groups host.
> e aren't having a chili competition. That's the difference. If a group was
> aving a party and giving barbecue to the masses, we wouldn't really have
>  problem with it. Although I would someday love to have a big kingdom
> arty and serve beer, ale, wine, cider and period munchies. Just to show you
> an actually enjoy period fare. 
>  will probably get into trouble for posting this rant because as King I need to
> upport my people. But as a Cooking Laurel I'm feeling terribly squicky about
> he whole thing.
> ow, wet chemise competitions? THAT'S entertainment!
> unthar
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