[Sca-cooks] period finger/party foods

Debra Hense/Kateryn de Develyn nickiandme at att.net
Thu Jan 22 12:00:13 PST 2009

Stefan writes:
<<How is distributing the recipes handled? Is there just a centralized  stack
of recipes/redactions that someone has printed off?  Is there a  separate
stack of recipes at each dish?

We have created little recipe cards for the most part (sometimes full page with color photographs) which we then place in front of or to the side of each dish.  

For the Ladies of the Rose ceremony the cook's guild creates a little booklet of the recipes used (this is especially nice as a memento of the occassion.

For the ToC (Taste of Calontir) at Lilies - we have done recipe booklets for each country/region presented.  Because here we form teams and usually have four or five tables each representing a different country/region. Each table then presents from five to ten items of food to be tasted in bite-sized pieces.  I like this one best because you can compare/contrast the different regions by their flavors/seasonings used.

For the upcoming Jubliee Celebration in Three Rivers - the guild is creating a small cookbook of the 50 recipes presented. 

Kateryn de Develyn - presenting three of the recipes - Perfect Cookies, Marzipan Peach Pits (from here on this list :-), and Lucian Sausages (in a breakfast link size.)  

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