[Sca-cooks] period finger/party foods

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Tue Jan 20 22:05:15 PST 2009

I believe that there are a few on this list from the Calontir Cook's Guild
that could answer your question.
I am not sure as I have only attended one event that they had a table. And
life and health have prevented me from attending many events for the past
two years.
I know they have individual recipes and thier redactions individually
printed and made available.


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How is distributing the recipes handled? Is there just a centralized  stack
of recipes/redactions that someone has printed off?  Is there a  separate
stack of recipes at each dish?

Locally I do try to get folks to consider making a period dish for
pot lucks and such. There are a number of folks (like me) who are
unlikely to ever cook a feast but are willing to try a single dish or two
from time to time.


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