[Sca-cooks] peacocks

Margaret Decker m.p.decker at worldnet.att.net
Sun Jan 25 15:01:32 PST 2009

Having been involved with a feast that featured a Peacock served with its 
skin on about 25 years ago, I remember we covered the cooked bird with 
aluminum foil, carefully placed the washed skin over the foil, cared the 
bird out to the feast hall to ceremoniously show it off, then r.returned it 
to the kitchen for removal of the skin and feathers and returned it to the 
hall for carving.

It was neccessary to keep the skin and feathers in the refrigerator from the 
moment it came off until just befor washing and placing it over the cooked 
bird or problems could occur.

Since I was only assisting the cooks by washing pots and spoon, and getting 
drinks for people,  etc. I was not involved with the actual process of 
removing the skin and cooking the bird. The skinning was done off site and I 
think was from a differnt larger bird than the one that got cooked but it 
was a long time ago and memory dims.


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