[Sca-cooks] Probably OOP cucumber questions

wyldrose wyldrose at tds.net
Sun Jul 12 14:13:41 PDT 2009

My Mom made a type of pickle with cloves, it was sweeter and similar to the 
taste of an apple ring  that is used around Thanksgiving.  She also used 
them in another type of pickle  that that was also sweeter than sour.  They 
required a bit more work than making dills did.  My mom claimed it was an 
old Pennsylvania Dutch recipe and handed down to her.
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> I'm still working on my update, but Digby uses cucumber as a potherb 
> twice,
> English herbals and Apicius both list ways of pickling cucumbers with
> various herbs, including dill, fennel and...uh...cloves?????

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