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Tue Jul 21 04:55:37 PDT 2009

 From her blog, it doesn't look like she does heavily documented 
historical cookery.
It appears she entertains as being Alice the Cook at Renaissance Fairs.
"In 2008, I celebrated my 25th year with the Minnesota Renaissance 
Festival. I currently play the character known as Alice the Cook, a cook 
historian. Alice runs a period kitchen in which villagers (entertainers) 
may come and eat. During the mornings, my assistant (Brandon Thielen) 
and I perform historical cooking demonstrations and in the afternoons we 
either offer culinary demonstrations for the special events pavilion, or 
talk to guests about cooking techniques and spices used during the 

The one book is described here:

*Renaissance Cooking*

A collection of 27 recipes by "Alice the Cook" (AKA Anjila Olson) All 
have been tested in her kitchen, and as well as cooked over open fires 
in front of the public at Renaissance fairs throughout the midwest 
including events in Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The 
booklet features family recipes some of which she has discovered in her 
research on cooking to have historic ancestors.*

*Renaissance Cooking II  Visiting the Silk Road*

The latest collection of historic recipes by "Alice the Cook" (AKA 
Anjila Olson) This edition offers more vegetarian / vegan friendly 
options, as well as several dishes influenced by Middle Eastern and 
Mediterranean cuisines.

I haven't read Renaissance or picked up an issue since they did the 
photo spread on the War.
Actually if I buy Renaissance it's because of the pictures and not the 


otsisto wrote: snipped
> I received the latest issue of Renaissance Magazine. In the past few issues
> they have added "the Castle Kitchen" by Alice the Cook. So far, the recipes
> don't seem to have documentation but being in the magazine seems to imply
> some sort of documentation.snipped
> She has written 2 cookbooks "Renaissance cooking" and "Renaissance Cooking
> II: Visiting the Silk Road". 

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