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Bear replied to Elisande with:

<<< Very nice.  As to your question about fish, let me say "salt  
cod."  Salt
preserved cod and herring were staples of the Hanseatic trade.

Bear >>>

What would you suggest as a modern source for salt cod or herring,  
Bear? I've seen some salt cod sold in little wooden boxes. Rather  
expensive for a feast, even considering that the drying has reduced  
its weight.

Some fresh fish was available in winter, depending upon how far you  
were from the sea and how rich you were.

Elisande, here are some recipes:
In the FOOD-MEAYS section of the Florilegium:
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eels-msg          (28K)  1/17/08  Eel dishes. Getting and cleaning eels.
These were often farmed far from the coast, so it was one way for  
those communities to have fresh fish. While their popularity waned  
when salted cod became more available, they continued to be raised.  
They may be more available today in Europe than in the U.S.

stockfish-msg    (118K) 11/ 4/06    Period preserved fish. Dried,  
smoked and
                                        salted fish. Recipes.

When you speak of fish are you also including seafood and crustaceans?

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Personally, I'm not fond of pea soup. I'm not going to be there, but  
here's some alternatives:
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Various foods were pickled for later winter use. One of the tricks was  
to use them in foods that were enhanced rather than hurt by the sour  
taste involved.
pickled-foods-msg (152K) 2/19/09    Medieval pickled food. recipes.

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