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<<Depending on your budget, you might try grilling fish.  I did it some 
back with a tuna loin that I purchased from our local fish monger.  We used
the tuna recipe from de Nola as follows:

*Libro de Cozina of Master Ruperto de Nola*, translated by Vincent F. Cuenca

Grilled Tuna>>
That sounds wonderful, although I'm leary of having fish in camp any longer 
than it takes to unwrap it and throw it on the grill :-)  I was a 
chirurgeon on shift during the "Toxic Shark Syndrome" incident at Pennsic many years 
ago (basically, a camp made, for a LARGE dinner party, shark which had been 
kept in the cooler a bit too long.  We had LOTS of unhappy people reviewing 
inputs at Chirurgeon's Point.  One of the female sufferers gave the incident 
the name above.)
But how would this be done indoors if it happened to rain that day?  Can it 
be done in a frying pan?  Or is there another tuna recipe that is more 
suited to indoor cooking and has similar ingredients?
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Lancaster, PA
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