[Sca-cooks] pate, terrine and rillettes?

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Thu May 7 10:26:12 PDT 2009

Welcome back.
We started the month of December 2007 talking about Rumpolt and his 
three pound goose livers, so that
is probably the thread that Doc remembers. Emilio and Gwencat answered 
that part for Petru.

At that time Helewyse pointed out

Well Scappi talks about it in his book, here is the bit on cooking livers I translated from Scappi for my Offal class (for full class notes see http://www.geocities.com/helewyse/Offal.html).  Interestingly he talks about the 2 and 3 pound geese livers as coming from Jewish breeders.

Some of the chewitt recipes call for chopping small with spices before 
baking in a pastry. We've suggested those before in this vein.
Let me do some checking.
Terrine-- Prospect Books Glossary indicated that one ought to read John 
Nott, so let's see Nott is on the shelf behind
Master Hroar's pottery--  Nott is dated 1726.
According to Nott 25. To make a Terrine
This Mess takes its Name from a Dish us'd at
Court call'd a Terrine; which is made of Silver round
and upright, holding about six Quarts, with two Handles
like those of a small Cistern.
He starts the actual recipe by calling for the ingredients of an OLIO.
Those resemble pottages and are far too much typing.
Foie  gras was a favorite of King Henry VI of France; the ancient 
Egyptians knew how to
stuff geese apparently and create it.
There's a rather spectacular looking creation pictured on Ivan Day's 
website for the Victorian
Ballettes of Foie Gras à l'Impériale.


Anne-Marie Rousseau wrote:
> Does anyone remember any other recipes in the medieval and renaissance
> corpus that work that way? I'm thinking a nice rillete or pate de campagne
> would be just the ticket for lunches at events, served with a baguette,
> cornichons and some of my homemade mustard....mmmm.....Thanks :)
> --Anne-Marie
There is a recipe for chopped liver in Du Fait de Cuisine though. (my 
interpretation - http://recipes.medievalcookery.com/liver.html )
Blast. Now I'm craving pate and foie gras and fried liver and stilton 
and all those other wonderfully stinky foods.- Doc

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