[Sca-cooks] Root Vegetable Storage

K C Francis katiracook at hotmail.com
Thu May 7 14:35:06 PDT 2009

HA!  thanks for understanding what is IMPORTANT.  Sangria is good and I've even put herbs into wine.  That would be May wine made with sweet woodruff.


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> <<< The only dark/dry/cool place I have in my condo is the under-stair
> closet and that is where I store my WINE!
> Katira >>>
> To which Mora asked:
> <<< If it is good for wine why can't it be good for vegs? >>>
> I suspect what Katira meant was that her under-stair closet was 
> already full of wine.
> It is difficult for two items to share the same space. While you can 
> store the fruit in the wine, isn't that called Sangria?, the thought 
> of wine filled with carrots and parsnips... doesn't sound that 
> appealing. :-)
> Stefan

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