[Sca-cooks] May wine

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Fri May 8 07:01:25 PDT 2009

We used to make it with a German white wine, maybe a Dry Riesling???
This was back when if you were under 21 but over 18, you could legally 
buy and drink wine and beer.
We used to do lots of things with wines then. Remember wine coolers and 
jug wines.
Wicca101.com http://www.unc.edu/~reddeer/recipe/rec_beltain.html has 
this recipe
MAY WINE  1 bottle of German White Wine; 1/2 cup Fresh Strawberries, 
sliced; 12 sprigs of fresh woodruff
Pour wine into carafe or wide mouth bottle. Add strawberries and 
woodruff and allow to blend for at least an hour. Strain and serve well 
chilled. Garnish with thin orange slice. The strawberries add a 
wonderful flavour and the woodruff adds sweetness.

Another source says 1 bottle of fairly good white table wine, not 
Chardonnay, chilled.


devra at aol.com wrote:
> I only tasted May wine once, many years ago. It was pretty nice. Now I've just planted a sweet woodruff in one of my herb pots, so I wondered... what kind of wine? approximately how much herb? how long to soak together?
> Devra

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